Our landscaping services consist of a four step process. It all starts with the on-site consultation, where you'll share with us your asthetic and vision. Site conditions will be checked to see if expectations will be possible to be met. We will share our expertise with you to help make your vision a reality. We customize landscaping plans for your needs. Measurments, photographs, and analysis birth the beginnings of the blueprint. A detailed proposal with a cost quote, planning process, and timeline is prepared for presentation to you. Next comes the installation phase where we start shaping your vision in real time. The last step consists of installing a irrigation system to keep your vision alive. It's our way of helping maximize the health and longevity of your plants forever.

Line clearance is important for both utility companies and their consumers. Without regular maintenance, there is a risk of power outages due to large limbs falling onto the wire or fires from trees growing into the wires. Green Velvet prevents these dangers by pruning the trees before they get too close. We have qualified arborists to deal with vegetation that is already growing into the wires. Equipped with the latest training and isolated PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in order to deal with potentially charged branches or trees. Green Velvet is committed to proper and safe line clearance with the customer’s and property owner’s satisfaction ultimately in mind. Home owners are aware of our presence prior to work commencing and approve of the quality of our pruning. As a company we are fully focused on doing the job right and fostering good relationships with the people we work for and work with.

Snow Removal

Green Velvet Tree is on call, waiting for the snow fall. Snow that inevitably falls each year can halt business and travel plans but with our timely and responsible snow removal service, business will run as usual. Don’t risk falling and make a common occurrence into a catastrophe. Don’t get caught last minute trying to bargain with other companies when you need them the most. Call now and set up a plan. Let us take care of the logistics, so you don’t have to.

Emergency Services

Disasters, such as hurricanes, blizzards, tornados, and other high wind severe weather, can down trees and potentially devastate an area. We understand that time is of the essence in times of natural distasters, especially for something as important as electricity, the life force of civiliaztion. We are ready to go, waiting for your call in order to execute the quickest response. Our personnel all have taken EHAP workshops and are trained to work around high voltage powerlines, so they understand the dangers of possible fallen lines. They are more than prepared to clean up and dispose of trees, branches, and debris that can cause further damage to the property. Safety is of utmost importance in order to prevent another disaster from occurring.

Our equipment allow us to work around the clock, with or without light. Real time vehicle tracking allows us to send the closest crew to your location. A constant flow of communication allows us to tackle problems head on with precision to better enable us to execute correctly in real time.